How to own a piece of Shea

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October 9, 2008 5:05:14 PM PDT
Tend to meet yourself coming and going? The New York Mets have just the thing for your home. Directional signs - for a ramp and an escalator - are among memorabilia from now-defunct Shea Stadium being offered at an online auction. The signs directed fans to various seating levels. Bidding, as of Thursday night, was around $620 apiece.

If things really get out of control, you might consider a turnstile ($760.)

Does your family demand fast food? Try a menu board - "Grand Central Grill" ($360) or "Midtown Express" ($320.) Add a ketchup and mustard holder ($262) and a Bud Light neon sign ($315) and you're in business.

Speaking of business - how's this for a sign of the times? "Outfield Wall Panel with AIG Advertisement." Current bid as of Thursday night, $1,420.

Bidders offered $1,375 apiece for two other outfield wall panels - one with an ad for Casio, the other with an ad for State Farm Insurance.

Feeling patriotic? How about a U.S. flag that once flew above Shea Stadium? It will cost you at least $550.

You prefer photographic memorabilia? There's plenty of that.

There's the mounted photo of former pitcher Jerry Koosman and former catcher Jerry Grote from the 1969 World Series, with a high bid of $1,750.

There's also the mounted photo of outfielder Carlos Beltran going, as of Thursday evening, for $305.

Yet another mounted photo, of third baseman David Wright, had drawn the most bidders - 18 - as of Thursday evening, according to the auction's Web site.

Maybe you just happen to be in need of a "Family Bathroom Door Sign - 1st Base Side." It's worth $205 to someone.

Other items include a glass door bearing a Mets logo sticker, going for at least $500.

The item with the highest bid as of Thursday evening? A Shea Stadium letter "S" going for $2,500.

The auction ends on Halloween.

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