NYC girl takes on high school football

October 5, 2008 5:01:51 PM PDT
A 17-year-old New York City girl is facing down tackles by 250-pound boys to live her dream: She's playing high school football. Long Island City High School student Irene Gjoka suited up Sunday for her first game.

The 105-pound, 5-foot-tall girl says she didn't think anybody believed she would play after three weeks of brutal practices. But she says she doesn't care about bruises "or anything like that."

Bulldogs Coach Stephen Agresti says once or twice a year a girl comes to ask about joining the team - and then goes away. He says Gjoka persisted. Still, Agresti says he didn't expect her to survive tackling practice.

But he says she came back the next day. She made it through 16 practices for Sunday's game.

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