Gold Parties Pay Cash for Your Jewelry

October 7, 2008 8:38:03 AM PDT
Gold is one bright spot in an otherwise bleak economy -- today it's priced at more than $850 an ounce. More people are taking advantage of the high price by looking no further than their dresser drawers.

Learn how to make some quick cash with your old jewelry.

January Thomas came up with the idea of gold parties after getting some much-needed cash for her gold at a relative's jewelry shop.

"It's your grandma's new-age Tupperware party," Thomas said. "The only big difference is that instead of having to go buy something you don't have to buy anything, you leave with money. There's no other party like that."

More people are hosting gold parties for fun, charity or to make some extra money, and Thomas is there with her scale and sensor to test the quality and content of the gold.

Barb Hendrick attended a gold party recently, hoping to unload jewelry she'd had since high school. She ended up leaving the party with $216 in her pocket.

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