Hometown Hero 10/11/2008: Tara Suri

Tara Suri
October 29, 2008 2:29:17 PM PDT
At the young age of thirteen, high school senior Tara Suri founded Turn Your World Around, an organization that seeks to engage and enable youth to make a global difference, as a result of the sexism and poverty she encountered in India. Turn Your World Around implements multiple social-change initiatives and also provides youth with the tools necessary to turn their passions into action and effect change. For example, one of Turn Your World Around's initiative, HOPE (Helping Orphans Pursue Education), seeks to provide all children in orphanages in India, Sudan, and other nations with the opportunity to reach their full potential by working to improve access to education and other basic necessities.

Turn Your World Around's newest initiative, Shakti Girls, empowers sex-trafficking victims in India with a holistic education, arts-based development, and vocational training. As a result of this initiative, Tara was inspired to write a novel about the sex-trafficking industry in India.

Currently, Turn Your World Around has raised over $45,000 and has impacted thousands of people worldwide. Tara Suri is not only a hometown hero, but also, a global hero.

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