Hometown Hero 10/26/2008: Thomas O'Connor, Jr. & Thomas O'Connor

Thomas O'Connor and Jr. & Thomas O'Connor
October 29, 2008 2:28:24 PM PDT
Being a Hometown Hero runs in the blood of the O'Connor family. Hometown Hero Tommy O'Connor, Jr., deserves recognition as a Hometown Hero for helping to save a man's life when he was only 11 years old. On November 25, 2007, because of Tommy's bravery and quick thinking, Tommy's father, Tom O'Connor, was able to rescue a man who was struggling to stay afloat in the frigid waters of the lake near Tommy's house.

Tommy's father, Tom O'Connor, a former Marine who served in the Gulf War, was able to pull this near lifeless man out of the icy waters of Seven Hills Lake in Kent, NY. The victim had capsized in his canoe and was treading in the chilly water for nearly an hour when he became incapacitated from asthma and hypothermia. After his son notified him as to the dangerous situation, Tom quickly pulled the man from the water into his row boat and took him to shore where paramedics successfully performed life-saving actions.

Due to the O'Connors' bravery and selfless actions, the victim, a Manhattan Lawyer, is alive today!


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