Hometown Hero 10/25/2008: Glenn L. Russo, Sr.

Glenn L. Russo, Sr.
October 29, 2008 2:28:14 PM PDT
Although Hometown Hero Glenn L. Russo and the woman who nominated him for the Hometown Heroes award, Christal, have only met each other face-to-face once before, Glenn's impact on her will last a lifetime. On September 11, 2001, Glenn and Christal were both on the 44th floor of the Second Tower of the World Trade Center. After the first plane hit the first tower, Glenn Russo helped Christal, who needed the assistance of a cane to walk, down the stairs from the 44th floor after he saw her being turned away from the elevator. While helping her down the stairs, Glenn saw Christal faultering and quickly ushered her to an open elevator, where they were able to get to the lobby and out onto the concourse just before the second plane hit Tower 2. As glass, steel and debris rained down after the plane hit Tower 2, Glenn's quick thinking protected not only Christal, but also, another stranger when he pulled them both under a small overhang outside Tower 4 and shielded them with his body.

For his bravery and quick thinking in saving the lives of two strangers, Glenn Russo is our Hometown Hero.


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