Talking doll spreading religious message?

October 10, 2008 1:10:51 PM PDT
A talking doll that is suppose to coo and say mommy is stirring up controversy.Some parents say what the doll is really doing is promoting a religion - Islam.

Two-year-old Alexis Gilberti loves her new baby doll. It's small, soft and even makes sounds. It's called Little Mommy Real Loving Baby Cuddle & Coo Doll.

"It's not saying coo, or mama," mother Carol McCroy said. "It's speaking. This doll is not supposed to speak."

"Our baby repeated 'Islam is the light,'" mom Cathy Mirasola said. "(My daughter) repeated what this doll said."

Islam is the light? The doll is not marketed as a religious toy. It doesn't say it on the box. And according to a Fisher Price representative, it is not one.

"The power of suggestion has a lot to do with it," the representative said in a statement. "Our department did extensive tests. It just coos and says mama. We will not be pulling the doll."

One of many places still selling the doll is Target. The company issued a statement saying, "The doll has not been recalled. We have gotten complaints. If a customer bought the doll and wants to return it, our standard return policy applies."

Alexis doesn't know this yet, but her grandmother says she is throwing the doll away, and doesn't care about the $20 she spent on it.

"She does own one of these, and I don't want her to have it," Pam Gilberti said.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, and whether you hear it or not, the Fisher Price Cuddle & Coo doll is still for sale.


STORY BY: Long Island reporter Emily Smith


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