A Gluten-free bakery

October 21, 2008 3:50:29 AM PDT
A new bakery that's opened in Bergen County has a special appeal. All sorts of treats are baked here. Muffins, cookies and lots and lots of breads.

They're made without gluten, an ingredient typically found in baked goods. That means people with celiac disease who are allergic to gluten can once again indulge. "My first reaction, honestly, I cried with joy," one man said.

"I've had people saying they want to marry me. I've had them crying on the phone saying I'm God's gift to them," owner Tom Miller said.

The Miller Gluten-free Bread Company is located in Rochelle park. Instead of gluten, Miller uses ingredients like potato flour and tapioca starch.

"The only preservatives we use are honey and vinegar, which are natural," he said.

Miller is also a celiac sufferer. A few weeks ago he and his wife, Kim, opened the bakery and put his culinary skills to the test.

"I spent two years of experimentation to actually get the breads soft, moist and, the key, delicious," he expalined.

Business is booming. Elaine Ruland is sending breads to a friend in Georgia.

"I'm sending it to him today to see how he likes it, but I tasted it and it's delicious," she said.

Soon customers will also be able to order online, but it's the bakery itself that's becoming a community of sorts for those with celiac disease

"I have the same disease they have. Basically, it's like a little support group when your coming in to get your bread," Miller said.

You can learn more about the bread by calling Miller's Gluten-free Bread Company 201-546-7952 or visiting them on the net at www.millersglutenfree.com.

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