Roller skating returns to Brooklyn

October 21, 2008 3:29:29 PM PDT
During these tough times, you can still find ways to entertain the entire family without breaking the bank. An oldie-but-goodie is making a comeback.

We traveled to Kosciuszko Street in Brooklyn and took a trip down memory lane.

Gone are the days when you could head over to the Roxy, Skate Key or the Empire and glide across the floor. Those rinks have all closed due to rising rents.

But this is the next best thing. Some would say even better.

If it seems like you're spinning back it time at the Crazy Legs Skate Club, you should slow down, lace up your skates and bounce.

It's the ultimate nod to the 70s, when disco roller skating ruled, when you'd find Lezly Ziering grooving. He is now a 75-year-old who has more moves then people half his age.

"One day I went into a roller disco and saw people spinning and dancing and boogying on skates and said wow, this is for me," Ziering said.

It's not the tricked out rink from days gone by, but this Salvation Army gym in Brooklyn is now home to Crazy Legs. Each Wednesday night, the hardwood floor becomes their yellow brick road, recently listed on as one of the top things to do in New York.

Lezly will teach you all the basics, and you'll be skating like you never stopped.

"It fills me with such satisfaction to see people who are skating like this, and all of a sudden they are getting down and dirty, skating backwards," he said.

The nightly gathering is a reunion of sorts. One group who called the Roxy home flocked to the Skate Key in the Bronx, while Lezly rolled to Brooklyn.

"The Empire Skate rink, I started skating there in 1945," Ziering said. "We just lost it last year, it was like taking a piece of my life."

It is a piece he is now replacing. So for just $10, bring your skates and relax. Some things are better the second time around.

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STORY BY: Eyewitness News reporter Kemberly Richardson


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