NYPD officers recovering from being shot

October 22, 2008 6:09:41 PM PDT
Two plainclothes NYPD officers were shot in a confrontation with a suspect in a subway station. The shooting happened inside the Queensbridge subway station at 21st Street and 41st Avenue in Long Island City shortly after 5:00 pm on Tuesday.

According to investigators, 32-year-old Raul Nunez tried to "fare beat" by using a student Metrocard.

When the plainclothes officers identified themselves and tried to handcuff Nunez, a struggle began.

Witnesses said all three fell to the ground. One of the officers' guns also came loose.

"Nunez grabbed it and fired at both officers while they were still on the ground," Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

Nunez, 28, then tried to run, but a third officer, Lieutenant Gary Abrahall, confronted him at the top of the escalator.

"Lt. Abrahall would come out of the station and confront Nunez, who was still armed. He had the officer's gun in his hand. Nunez fired three times at the lieutenant. Abrahall fired six shots, striking Nunez four times," Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said.

The two wounded officers were identified as Shane Farina, a four-year-veteran, and Jason Maass, a two-year veteran.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly arrived at Elmhurst Hospital Center about 10:30 Wednesday morning for a brief visit with Officer Shane Farina.

"He's in pain. He has a broken rib and he was operated on in the stomach area. So he has pain from the operation and pain from the rib when he breathes," said Kelly.

The 38-year-old transit cop rested in his room with tubes in his mouth and family members by his side.

External Affairs Director Dario Centorcelli spoke with Farina late Wednesday morning. "He's doing well. He's conscious and writing notes. He gave me the thumbs up sign when I talked to him in the room, so he's doing very well."

28-year-old Officer Jason Maass went home late last night after a single gunshot grazed his lower back.

There is no final word yet how much longer officer Farina will remain in the hospital, but as of now he is not scheduled for any additional surgery.

"Mainly rest and recuperation and of course with any kind of surgery like that there is always a risk of infection, so he's gonna have to be watched," adds Centorcelli.

Mayor Bloomberg said doctors were optimistic that he would make a full recovery, but he added that Farina was "not out of the woods yet."

Farina has been recognized five times for excellent police duty and meritorious service during his career.

Both officers were wearing bullet-resistant vests.

Commissioner Kelly indicated Nunez, an illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic - feared the officers were more concerned with his immigrant status than beating the fare. He remains at Bellevue Hospital after a police Lieutenant shot him four times in the legs and torso.

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