Tappy Gets Payback from Online Auctioneer

Seven On Your Side
October 22, 2008 2:55:36 PM PDT
The couple is a victim of the economic downturn. And now they've suffered a lay-off prompted liquidation of some treasured assets. Visiting the Salzano residence is like entering a baseball memorabilia store. George Salzano gave Seven On Your Side's Tappy Phillips a tour of his Mickey Mantle-signed baseball and game-worn jerseys.

George spent a lifetime collecting the pricey autographs, jerseys and valuable baseball cards. But last year, he was forced to liquidate the bulk of his collection.

"I was out of work. My husband had a stroke in 2002. Neither of us are working anymore," said George's wife, Laura Salzano.

so, the Salzano's commissioned internet auction giant, AmericanMemorabilia.com to do the sale.

Everything from hall of famer-signed bats, uniforms, even a Life Magazine signed by Joe DiMaggio all, were on the block. The auctions finished last spring, but Laura says payment was slow in coming. "It's just been like pulling teeth trying to get paid since we gave them the material."

According to the signed contract, American Memorabilia promises payment "within 45-90 days of the sale of memorabilia." The auctioneer did send her partial payments, with the latest check arriving a week ago. But, Laura says, "they still owe us a little under a thousand dollars."

So we called the on line auctioneer asking for the money, and two days later?

Laura rejoiced, "the check was in the mail."

Actually, two checks, adding up to payment in full of $969. "After begging for a year, all of a sudden we got it, so thank you so much. We're so happy."

American Memorabilia.com's rep told us they were slow paying off the Salzano's because they hadn't been paid by auction's winning bidders. Even though the contract says the Salzano's should've been paid within 90 days. The on line auctioneer apologized for the delay.


Story by: Tappy Phillips
Produced by: Steve Livingstone