Lay away for shoppers makes comeback

October 23, 2008 2:32:07 PM PDT
It went out of style during the booming economic times of the 80's, but now in the midst of a recession-- lay-away is making a comeback at some stores. K-mart is leading the return to layaway with an ad campaign just as people are starting to think about their Christmas shopping.

They are banking on the idea that a lot of people are crunched for cash and will feel better about paying for something big a little at a time rather than racking up more debt.

Bella Rose in downtown Lexington is one of a few local stores that never gave up it's lay-away plan for its customers.

"We have always done lay a way-- on a regular basis," said Rose.

While some larger discount stores report seeing an increase in layaway sales this summer as gas prices went up and economy started to go south.

"I would not say there's a huge increase ?but we do have people asking about it more." adds Rose

The official start to the holiday shopping season is just a little more than a month away and most shoppers are already thinking about how to best budget their money.

Rose adds, "A lot of people are expecting lower Christmas bonuses-- a lower year in spending."

And even people who say they're not too worried about money are looking at ways to pinch a penny or too.

At Bella Rose they only require customers to pay 20 percent down and then you have 30 days to make additional payments and get your item-- but says if you are hoping to do some lay away shopping for holidays gifts, you better start now.

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