Limo Refund in Limbo

Seven On Your Side
October 27, 2008 6:30:57 AM PDT
The limousine says it's one of the biggest in America - it even calls itself "Presidential Limousine." But one Long Island viewer says she's been on year-long struggle to get a refund from the company, worth thousands."I'm out almost $3400. I don't know why." Kristi Jeffrey can't help getting emotional when talking about her year long battle with Presidential Limousine.

"I just try to do something nice," Kristi tells 7 On Your Side's Tappy Phillips. "(I wanted to) plan a nice event for people and I got taken advantage of."

A year ago, Kristi organized a scavenger hunt for new town residents. Just like the reality show, she named it the "Amazing Race." Kristi says, "We hired 13 limousines and had 130 people." She says Presidential Limo's service was fine. The problems happened with the payment.

She gave Presidential Limousine a deposit beforehand, and then she was charged the balance the day of the event. But, Kristi says she was charged hundreds extra for a surcharge. "This was the first time I had heard about a surcharge," said Kristi.

Kristi says Presidential Limo agreed to deduct the charge if she paid by check. But, after she dropped off the check, she says the refund never happened. "He agreed to charge the almost $3400 that he had charged to my account the night of the event," said Kristi.

Last December, Kristi took Presidential Limo to court. After Presidential's reps failed to show up, she won more $3465.

We visited Presidential Limo's Floral Park, New York office, but found nobody there. But by phone, their owner said he never paid Kristi's refund because he never received Kristi's credit card payment in the first place.

But, just two hours after our call? A rep from the limo company burned rubber over to Kristi's, check in hand. "Over a year and you get this for me in one day!" beamed Kristi.

She received payment in full, plus interest and court costs.


Story by: Tappy Phillips

Produced by: Steve Livingstone