The most dangerous roads for pedestrians

October 28, 2008 5:53:57 PM PDT
The tri-state region's most dangerous road for pedestrians is the Hempstead Turnpike in Nassau County, according to a new analysis by Tri-State Transportation Campaign, a policy watchdog organization. Between 2005 and 2007, 15 pedestrians were killed along the 15-mile stretch of roadway, with most of those fatalities occurring as the road passes through Elmont, Franklin Square and Hempstead.

"The most dangerous roads are either extremely busy urban roads, such as 3rd Avenue in Manhattan, that handle many pedestrians and cars," said Michelle Ernst, staff analyst with the Campaign. "Or, as with the case of Sunrise Highway in Suffolk County, they are major suburban roadways dotted with retail destinations but designed exclusively for fast-moving car traffic."

Third Avenue and Broadway ranked as the most dangerous roads in Manhattan.

The group called for a more balanced approach to designing suburban roads, especially on Long Island.

The group applauded efforts that are already underway to improve safety in many corridors. The New York City Department of Transportation, for example, has implemented several programs aimed at reducing pedestrian injuries and fatalities at targeted locations, including a Safe Routes for Seniors programs.

Likewise, the state of New Jersey has made reducing pedestrian fatalities a statewide goal and sets aside significant funding for pedestrian safety projects. The state recently revamped its methodology for awarding state and federal safety funds to target places with the greatest need.

County fact sheets showing the most dangerous routes for walking are also available. The fact sheets also include a map showing the locations of each pedestrian fatality, with descriptive details for each victim killed on the county's most dangerous route or routes.

The full report, as well as county fact sheets can be found at

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