NJ school invited to inauguration

December 16, 2008 4:12:17 PM PST
The Bonnie Brae School's Drum Corps has the beat that got them noticed. They earned an invitation to play for President-elect Obama at his inauguration.

School boss Bill Powers received the letter confirming the invitation

It's a major "get" for kids who attend this special school.

They come from terrible backgrounds, been through a lot, we teach them power," Bill Powers said.

But there's a snag in th DC trip. The boys have the beat, but not the bucks. They need 6-thousand dollars.

"We didn't put this in our budget, we didn't think we would be chosen, so we need help w/ buses, food, uniforms and equipment," Powers said.

They sound good on what they have, but this is the inauguration -- the largest, most prestigious performance they'll have. They'd like new drums. Their current ones are a little worn out.

You can learn more about the school and how to help the band by visiting www.bonnie-brae.org on the net.

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