Fat burning foods

November 10, 2008 9:31:28 PM PST
Working out can help get you in shape, but certain foods can also help burn the fat. Experts say drinking green tea each day will boost your metabolism.

Michele Murphy, a dietitian with New York Presbyterian Hospital, helped me navigate the aisles at Whole Foods looking for items that will maximize your fat burning potential.

One way to do it is eating plenty of lean protein such as fish or chicken.

"We actually work harder to break down lean protein in our body so we increase our calorie burn. That's a good think. That's a great thing," Murphy said.

Try marinating that fish in plenty of grapefruit. The theory is vitamin C helps control insulin levels, which, if they get too high, tend to make us eat more.

As for tighter tummies, a component of seaweed has been found to reduce abdominal fat in mice.

The fiber in apples reduces the amount of fat your body is able to absorb.

A little spice will rev your engine creating heat, burning calories and shedding pounds.

You can learn more about eating health on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website: