Serb student will not be handed over

October 31, 2008 10:16:58 AM PDT
A former Binghamton University who fled the U.S. after allegedly beating another student into a coma won't be handed over to American authorities.That's according to the top police officials in Serbia, where 21-year-old Miladin Kovacevic was detained on Tuesday in Belgrade on suspicion that he "inflicted life-threatening bodily harm" on Bryan Steinhauer of Brooklyn.

The 22-year-old Steinhauer only recently emerged from a coma after being injured during a fight in a Binghamton bar last May.

Kovacevic jumped bail a few weeks later and fled to Serbia, where officials have refused to hand him over to the U.S. for a trial on assault charges.

Today Serbia's interior minister and top police official said Kovacevic will be tried in Serbia, and not in the United States.

He's being held in jail for at least 30 days pending a formal investigation.