Businessman denies killing wife

November 3, 2008 11:38:04 AM PST
A businessman accused of killing his wife was jeered in court Monday by the woman's friends and relatives.When Werner Lippe, 66, was brought into town court, several people, some of them in tears, stood and berated him.

One held a sign that said, "Keep the Faith," an apparent reference to Lippe's wife, 49-year-old Faith Lippe. She disappeared early last month as the couple, who have two children, were in divorce proceedings.

In response to the group, Lippe said, "I did nothing!"

He did not speak during the court session, however. Although he had a lawyer, no plea was entered to the charge of second-degree murder.

As he was led out, a spectator said, "Rot in hell!"

State police said Friday that Lippe, who owns a jewelry design business in Manhattan, had admitted killing his wife and disposing of the body. They would not confirm reports that her body had been burned.

Capt. Keith Corlett said Monday that investigators had recovered evidence around the couple's multimillion-dollar house and sent it out for analysis. He would not describe it further. Faith Lippe was a nutrition consultant for the Ossining school district.

In another New York City suburb, a stockbroker trainee applied for a court-appointed attorney Monday as he fights charges that he killed his wife. William Walsh, 29, is accused of strangling wife Leah, a special education teacher, during a fight over his alleged infidelity.

Authorities say Walsh staged an elaborate ruse last week to make it appear his 29-year-old wife was a victim of random roadside violence.

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