Making your own baby food

November 3, 2008 3:32:49 PM PST
You've probably heard of parents making their own baby food because of health benefits. But another perk many are realizing lately is the cost-cutting savings.The savings are significant. What you do have to invest is your time, in order to make all the food. But as you'll see, it's actually quite easy.

Randi Madrid is hands-on when it comes to making her daughter's lunch. Earlier in the week, she steamed the ingredients and froze them. After a quick defrost and mix, it's mealtime for 7-moth-old Julia.

"I love to watch her," Randi said. "She'll make a great face."

End even greater is the savings. Each meal costs about 30 cents, which is half the price of store-bought baby food. It's an even greater savings when compared to organic brands.

Carly Roney makes her baby's food. She's also the editor of the, a Web site for new parents.

She recommends using organic fruits and veggies. Just cut, steam and puree. You'll want a smoother consistency for beginning eaters, lumpier for older babies. And from there, it's into chemical-free freezer trays. You can store the frozen servings in baggies for up to three months. Simply defrost a serving just before feeding time. The flavors tend to be more intense than store bought brands.

"Babies love it," Roney said. "It serves them for life."

And the cost savings serve you. Randi started making food for Julia for the health benefits. But now that she's quit working, the savings are even more delicious.

"As the days wore on, I realized it was cost efficient," she said.

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