Clinton: Obama will get right to work

November 4, 2008 2:41:19 PM PST
Calling President Bush "the lamest of lame ducks," Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton predicted Tuesday that Sen. Barack Obama would begin making presidential appointments and announcing economic policies within a couple of weeks. "Obviously we still have a president until Jan. 20," Clinton said after voting and predicting an Obama win. "But I think given the circumstances that we find ourselves in I would expect that Barack would be announcing some of the major appointments to his administration, talking about the economic policies that he intends to put into place, between now and the time he is inaugurated."

"President Bush is the lamest of lame ducks and it's important to instill confidence in our new leadership and in America starting as soon as he (Obama) can," Clinton added.

The senator and her husband, former President Clinton, voted Tuesday morning at a school in Chappaqua and spoke confidently of an Obama presidency while also noting challenges ahead and the need for patience.

The senator said Americans have to "dig ourselves out of the ditch the Republicans have left us in."

"Democrats have unfortunately had to clean up the messes of Republicans for some time now, back to Franklin Roosevelt and as my husband had to do," Clinton said.

Bill Clinton said, "Our party will wake up tomorrow with an enormous opportunity and an enormous responsibility."

Both Clintons reflected on the senator's failed attempt to be the Democratic presidential candidate. Asked if she was sorry that her name was not on Tuesday's ballot, Hillary Clinton said, "No, not at all. ... I feel very good about what's going to happen today." Later she added, "The personal honor and privilege I had of being a candidate and coming so very close to our nomination is something I'll always be proud of."

Bill Clinton said, "I'm very proud of the campaign she ran and the votes she got." He said not being able to vote for his wife "was a little bittersweet. But I'll always look back with great pride on what she did."

The Clintons signed autographs, posed for pictures and hobnobbed with fellow Chappaqua residents before getting in a line behind half a dozen other voters. Among those they chatted with was William Ansah, a home health care worker, who said he was in the crowd when the Clintons visited Accra, Ghana, in 1998.

"They were very gracious, back then and today," Ansah said afterward.

After talking about the hopes and challenges of an Obama presidency, Hillary Clinton was asked what would happen if Sen. John McCain won.

"That's not going to happen," she replied.