Harlem celebrates Obama's victory

November 5, 2008 10:02:06 AM PST
The signs of celebration could still be seen in Harlem the day after Barack Obama's historic presidential win. In front of the handbag shop where she works, Ndeye Ndiaye, a native of Senegal, showed her joy as she danced. "Hurrah! He's a good man and the 44th president is a black man," she said.

At a kiosk on Broadway and 125th Street, every copy of the New York City newspapers marking the historic occasion was gone on Wednesday morning. "No more papers - sold out!" said vendor Miguel Estrada.

Ibrahim Sisse, another Senegal immigrant who works as a street vendor, said Obama's election gave him hope. "I have hope for several reasons. I hope for everybody including my nephews. They can have a higher rank in America. I hope for America, changing."

On Tuesday night, traffic was bumper to bumper around the neighborhood's famed 125th Street with people popping out of sunroofs to wave at pedestrians who clogged sidewalks and traffic lanes. Honking car horns split the night air.

Near the historic Apollo Theater, men played conga drums as revelers blew noisemakers.

The crowd, with many people wearing Obama buttons and T-shirts and carrying U.S. flags, included elders who grew up under segregation and young parents who brought their children to watch the historic vote on TV screens.

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