Kidney stones and kids

November 11, 2008 5:31:23 AM PST
Kidney stones is joining the list of other adult diseases becoming more common in children, such as adult onset diabetes and high blood pressure. Ten year old David Husted has suffered from what is typically considered a very grown-up health problem -- kidney stones.

Just like in adults, they hurt a lot!

David had his first attack when he was five.

Dr. Howard Corey at Morristown Memorial Hospital said that is the age when kids are now starting to get kidney stones.

"We're seeing an explosion of kids with kidney stones, and it seems to be overlapping with an explosion of what we used to think of as adult diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes," he said.

One risk factor is childhood obesity, but even kids who aren't overweight are getting kidney stones.

The culprits are fat and salt.

Youngsters are eating more greasy, fast foods and more salt-filled processed foods such as soup and packaged meat.

The bottom line: children should eat a more fresh fruits and vegetables and cut out the junk.

Experts say they should also drink liquids rich in citrates like orange juice -- a natural kidney stone buster -- and more water, even when they are not thirsty.

Kidney stones in children are treated the same way as in adults.

If the stone does not pass on its own, a child typically will undergo a procedure where high energy sound waves blast the stone so it is more easily passed.

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