Community continues to mourn over immigrant stabbing

November 13, 2008 2:21:12 PM PST
Residents on Long Island tonight are fighting back against the rising number of hate crimes. A rally late Thursday afternoon and calls for tougher charges after a Hispanic man was stabbed allegedly by a gang of teens.

Thursday, a grand jury began looking at evidence in the case to determine the charges. Meanwhile the victim's brother and members of Hispanics across America are trying to see what they can do to see justice.

Right out of a meeting with the Suffolk County District Attorney, members of Hispanics across America and the victims brother tell Eyewitness News they officially asked the DA to fully prosecute the seven high school kids accused of killing a Hispanic man Saturday night, for his skin color.

As of now Jeffrey Conroy faces manslaughter while the rest face gang assault.

Another person at fault according to Lucero and members of Hispanics across America is Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy.

Since the stabbing of Marcello Lucero who is by all accounts a hardworking peaceful immigrant from Ecuador, the Suffolk County Executive has been blasted by Hispanics across America saying he's to blame for created an anti-immigrant environment over the years referring to his long time stance limiting day laborers from gathering on street corners.

"It's important not to get distracted from the core issue. You had a white supremacist surrounded by six others who went out to harm someone because of his color. That is disgusting," said Levy.

Levy also unveiled details on a new emergency five point plan to fight hate.

It aims to create a community Hispanic liaison at the Suffolk County police department, Promote the county's anonymous tip number, call for schools to consider the anti bias task force to make appearances, Seek donations to help the victims family, and call upon religious denominations to preach greater tolerance immediately.

But still, some say the plan to attack hate comes too late, with 7 kid's lives in the hands of the justice system and a community mourning a death that should have never happened.

The group also officially asked the DA to consider charging the 7 students parents since they are all minors.

The grand jury's decision on the student's charges has not yet been determined.


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