Smoking back in AC casinos after ban

November 15, 2008 5:32:06 PM PST
After a month of fresh air inside Atlantic City's 11 casinos, the smoke is back.A temporary smoking ban is to expire at a minute after midnight Sunday, and gamblers will be permitted to light up for at least the next year.

Earlier this year, the City Council enacted a total smoking ban for all 11 casinos. It was cheered by many casino workers worried about their health, as well as by anti-smoking groups.

But casino operators and many gamblers decried the ban, saying it would drive customers away in droves.

The ban went into effect on Oct. 15. But as the financial meltdown led to even steeper declines at the casinos and forced layoffs, the council changed its mind and agreed to repeal the smoking ban for at least a year.

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