School requests cell phone scanners

November 24, 2008 3:19:43 PM PST
The decree went out last year that no cell phones would be allowed in New York City schools. But a lot of students still carry them.Now, one school is going a step further, requesting special scanners to detect cell phones. The reason is that school officials believe some students may be using them to cheat.

Students at Stuyvesant High School are like many others in the city. They carry cell phones, in spite of the city's ban, but do not use them in the school building.

Now, the principal of Stuyvesant, Stanley Teitel, has requested scanners on a temporary basis, specifically to screen students taking the Regents exams at the end of January.

The principal declined to be interviewed, but students, who point out they would never cheat, say there are a number ways to do so with a cell phone. They say text messages and the Internet are just a few of the methods.

But the student newspaper has spoken out against the scanners. Christopher Zhao is one of the editors. He says smart kids can find other ways to cheat, and test proctors need to do a better job of moderating.

Paola de Kock, co-president of the parents' association, says many parents are split over the issue.

The request for Stuyvesant scanners is being considered by the Department of Education.


STORY BY: Education reporter Art McFarland


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