Shots fired during bank robbery

November 24, 2008 3:56:09 PM PST
Bullets flew inside a bank during a robbery attempt in Brooklyn Monday.Police say about 15 people were inside the Chase Bank at the time. One of them tells Eyewitness News that he heard yelling and screaming and at first thought it was a joke. He says one of the suspects ordered everyone down to the floor so that no one got hurt.

One customer apparently hesitated as a female bank manager pleaded with everyone to keep calm and follow instructions.

The witness says one of the suspects then fired a shot into the ceiling. Police say a total of two shots were fired. The men apparently made it inside the vault and made off with a large sum of money.

One woman said she saw a large bag being carried out before the suspects fled north on Bay Parkway, on foot. One man was possibly wearing a mask, while the other may have had dark sunglasses and a ski hat.

Authorities say the despite the shots that were fired, no one was hurt in the robbery.


STORY BY: Eyewitness News reporter Kemberly Richardson


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