Building fun for kids

November 25, 2008 3:51:23 AM PST
A national group is aiming to make sure more kids in our area can enjoy some fun and games outside. A playground in Howard Beach was built thanks to the hard work of neighborhood volunteers.

Kaboom, a group dedicated to bringing the gift of play into children's lives, made it possible.

"Kaboom has recognized that recess and play time has gone out of the lives of a lot of children in America. We want them to get outside with their friends, family , meet new people and develop those important social skills, Lian Mah of Kaboom said.

Kaboom also helped with a playground in Richmond Hill.

All over the country, this non-profit brings neighborhoods together to build play areas at schools, daycares, parks and community centers in areas where a safe play space is hard to find.

The Howard Beach and Richmond Hill playgrounds are located at pre-schools run by Heartshare Human Services, an organization that helps families in need.

"We get money for our students' education, but not for the extras. We usually fundraise for things like that. It would take us ten years to raise money for a playground," Carol Verdi of Hearshare Pre-school.

Kaboom has built 59 playgrounds in the tri-state area. The group partners with corporations to hand out grants, but it also depends on the private sector to give kids the gift of play.

For more information on how Kaboom can help your neighborhood get a playground or on how you can support Kaboom, please visit their website at

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