NYC chef serves up $7 gourmet school lunches

November 26, 2008 4:08:14 AM PST
One Brooklyn chef is serving up gourmet lunches for schoolchildren, introducing them to dishes like slow-cooked pork shoulder and braised short ribs. Chef Deborah Snyder charges $7 a meal to prepare lunches that typically include vegetables, a starch and meat or other protein.

That's a sharp contrast to the pedestrian fare served up in school cafeterias like hamburgers, toasted cheese sandwiches and peas with diced carrots. Those lunches cost $1.50 a meal.

Snyder says she already has 15 regular customers and hopes to expand soon. The 39-year-old executive pastry chef at Lever House e-mails a weekly menu to parents.

She says they appreciate her business because "packing a lunch stresses people out."

Customer Chris Olshaker says the money is worth it if her 2-year-old daughter gets exposed to new foods.

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