Family game night

December 3, 2008 11:09:28 AM PST
When the cost of taking your whole family out to the movies or bowling gets too steep, consider staying home and having a family game night. Your kids might roll their eyes, but if you include their favorite item; their video game console, it might just become a new tradition. Joining us this morning with the hottest games around this holiday season was Andrea Smith, ABC News Radio Technology Producer. Microsoft's Xbox 360 has just launched the new Xbox Live Experience, a software update that provides a social entertainment experience. Users can create their own avatars, enjoy multiplayer gaming, or watch movies instantly from their Netflix subscription.

Karaoke/dance games:

Lips/Xbox 360
Lips is the only singing game that lets you sing along to music from your own personal music collection. It comes with wireless motion-sensitive microphones that let you channel your favorite pop star or use the microphone as a percussion accompaniment.

Boogie SuperStar/ Nintendo Wii
This song and dance game lets you design your character, and sing your favorite tracks as you perform songs made famous by today''s most popular artists. Families can sing or dance in two-mode, or compete against one another with up to four players.

Boogie SuperStar/PS2
Offers 30 chart-topping songs, a Harmony duet mode and PSP Remote Play functionalities. Artists including Eminem, Radiohead, Paramore, Pink and more. Use the eye-toy camera to watch your performance in real time and playback those American Idol moments again and again.

Trivia Titles:

Buzz! Quiz TV/PS3
In Buzz! Quiz TV, the whole world becomes a quiz show network! Test your pop culture know-how with questions ranging from music, to movies, sports, and more. Put your knowledge to the test as you play with up to 8 friends - buzzing your way to game show stardom!

Scene It? Box Office Smash/Xbox 360
Includes 4 Big Button Controllers and puzzles which cover 250 of Hollywood's most recent blockbusters. See who in your house is the King of the Box Office. The new game allows up to four teams to challenge one another from the comfort of a living room or via Xbox LIVE.

Board Games and Family Fun:

Family Game Night/Nintendo, Wii,PS2
If trivia is not your bag, who can resist a game of Connect Four or Yahtzee? An exciting new way to play every game -- like Connect Four Power Chips, Boggle Portal Cubes, Reverse Yahtzee and Battleship Barrage.

Game Party 2/Nintendo, Wii
Four-player action on all games Get together with friends and family to see who can rank #1 in all 11games, whether it''s one player at a time, or simultaneously with 4 player in split-screen mode. 11 Games In All: Bean Bags, Horseshoes, Lawn Darts, Puck Bowling, Quarterback Challenge, Trivia, Hoop Shoot, Ping Cup, Shuffleboard, Skillball, Darts.

Sonic Unleashed/PS3. Xbox 360, Wii, PS2
Who doesn't know Sonic? Different style of gameplay depending on whether it is day or night Nine beautiful levels based on real-life locations. Sonic changes from a Hedgehog to a Werehog. Classic elements including loops and corkscrews.

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