Model starts 'raw' beauty line

December 9, 2008 11:34:30 AM PST
It's a new philosophy in skin care that brings new meaning to natural beauty. It's called Raw Essentials.

You don't often see a model shoving down lots of food, but that's Carol Alt for you.

"I eat like a horse. A race horse and I make no qualms about it," she said.

What she eats is only raw food, such as the kind of food made by Organic Avenue on the Lower East Side.

With a raw food diet, nothing is heated above 115 degrees. The belief is that by keeping the food's molecular and enzymatic structures in tact, a person can reap more health benefits.

Carol's been eating this way for 12 years.

She's written two books about raw food and she doesn't just put her food where her mouth is.

It's only natural that Carol would come out with a skin care line.

If the ingredients include things you don't recognize, don't worry, Carol says it's all from nature and nothing is cooked or heated, just like the food she eats.

Carol believes raw is the future.

She'll have 11 products out by the end of January which will be selling on Home Shopping Network, and at Organic Avenue and perhaps the best way to know her lifestyle works is to look at her.

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