Dozens of filthy animals rescued from home

December 10, 2008 2:26:14 PM PST
Dozens of animals were rescued from a house in Rockland County Wednesday. Authorities say they were filthy, living in their own waste. The animals are now at a shelter in Pomona.

The animals were finally freed from their foul cages Wednesday afternoon. Nearly two dozen dogs were covered in waste that was matted to their fur.

Police were called to the house on Spook Rock Road by someone working outside of the property who was overcome by the stench.

Inside, police and animal control agents found a few dogs on the first level, but the majority were in the basement, in cages. The animals appear to be well fed, but had not been cleaned, certainly not for months, possibly years.

Police say the owner of the house told them she used to show the dogs, most of which are Shetland sheepdogs. The 73-year old woman, who lives alone, was taken for psychiatric evaluation.

Animal control officers say it's easy for people who breed or collect dogs to get in over their heads.


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