Grinch tries to ruin LI Christmas spirit

December 11, 2008 7:09:56 PM PST
Vandals on Long Island are stealing the spirit of Christmas. A family that has filled their yard with elaborate decorations, in part to raise money for charity, has now found that a grinch has ruined their display.

Despite the theft and vandalism, the lights are bright and festive at the home of the Tomeos, even after a full day of work in the rain. They had to undo what police say vandals did to their holiday display.

Instead of taking the vandalized Christmas extravaganza down, James Tomeo is putting it back up, bigger and better than ever despite Wednesday night's mean-spirited surprise.

"They knocked the head off their choir pieces like the exorcist," James Tomeo said. "They turned the fence down and in."

That's not even the half of it. The so-called Christmas villains spared almost nothing, deliberately snapping an angel's wing and knocking the top off a train. The Tomes also found the vandals had toppled over gingerbread land and even emptied a donation box in memory of Mrs. Tomeo, who died of leukemia.

"So you take the money, but to come here and destroy things, that won't help you get any money or anything," Carmine Tomeo said.

But, just like the story of Whoville, anyone can destroy and steal property, but can't always get away with stealing the holiday spirit or its true meaning.

Undercover police were in the neighborhood interviewing neighbors and looking for any information on the vandals.

So far, they say they know whoever did this jumped in an SUV and took off.

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