"As seen on tv" products that could save you cash

December 14, 2008 5:32:57 AM PST
In today's economy, everyone's looking to budget and save money. CEO of Telebrands, A. J. Khubani, joined us to show us some "as seen on tv" products that promise to save you some cash. 1. Lower Grocery Bills
Food costs are skyrocketing and one way to save money is to prolong the life of perishables such as fruits and vegetables.
Green Bags
$9.95 for 20 reusable bags
Green Bags effectively extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables to 30 days, so you won't be throwing out loads of fruits and vegetables that go bad before you have the chance to eat them.
Estimated annual savings: $1,000

2. Cancel your Gym Membership
Many of us will be making a New Year's Resolution to get fit - but a gym membership can set you back $80+ per month. A personal trainer can cost upwards of $80 a session!
Iron Gym
The Iron Gym provides a full body workout and safely attaches to any door.
Estimated annual savings: $900 - $1000

3. Skip the Hair Salon
You don't need to spend time and money at the salon to get your hair looking great for an upcoming event.
E-Z Combs
E-Z Combs allows you to create stylish looks, at a fraction of the price. Estimated annual savings: $ 200+

4. Get a Spa Treatment - at Home
Treat yourself to a stress-relieving foot massage (after a weekend of holiday shopping!), and spend very little by doing it at home.
Pampered Toes
Estimated annual savings: $400

5. Save Money on Pet Care
Pet grooming costs can certainly add up. Though it's important to trim your dog or cat's nails every 3 - 4 weeks it can cost over $10 a visit!
Trim your pet's nails at home, quickly and easily. Estimated annual savings: $200

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