Arbitrator rejects PD's holiday schedule

December 18, 2008 10:33:29 AM PST
The 22 police officers who patrol a tiny Long Island village will no longer receive holiday pay when they work on Gerald Ford Day, the National Day of Katrina Remembrance, Theodore Roosevelt's birthday, and Parents' Day.An arbitrator has ruled that the Malverne Police Department's union leadership misinterpreted the wording of a contract and credited officers for holiday pay when they worked on "holidays" that came as the result of state or federal proclamations.

Some of the proclamations included the Katrina remembrance (Aug. 29), Roosevelt's birthday (Oct. 27), and Parents' Day (July 27). Others included Elizabeth Cady Stanton Day (Nov. 12) and Gerald Ford Day (Jan. 2).

An arbitrator ruled that using the contract clause created "absurd results."

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