Cleanup before another storm

December 15, 2010 11:16:56 AM PST
Two of the areas hardest hit by Friday's storm were Orange and Westchester counties. And Saturday, residents dug out and prepared for what's next. In Newburgh, residents got more than enough snow from the storm. Micky Yannone spent much of the day clearing away mounds of it from in front of his business. He got about a foot of snow.

In parts of Westchester County, the Saw Mill River Parkway was mostly clear from snow, but conditions were slick enough in Chappaqua for one driver to skid off an exit ramp. Another driver didn't realize what he was getting into when he parked his car before the storm. A snowed in car is nothing like his determination to make it to Sunday's Giants game, despite another storm that is expected.

"I don't care," he said. "We're going to put on our ski clothes. And we're going to be ready, so it doesn't matter."

In White Plains, the storm brought only about five inches of snow, so the side streets were easier to clear. The problem now is the freezing weather and the threat of black ice.

In parts of Orange County, the side streets are still a mess. But neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow was stopping Marissa Daniels from delivering the mail.

"We deliver the mail through it all," she said. "We get it all. We get the snow boots, we get the hat, it's OK."

And it was perfectly OK at the Newburgh Mall, where last-minute shoppers filled the parking lot after the storm shut down the mall at 3 p.m. on Friday.

But the best part about the storm was for the kids, where there was just enough snow to build some snowmen.

The cleanup extended from the northern suburbs to northern New Jersey, where dads pulled out the shovels and snow blowers while the kids handled the sleds and the snowboards.

It was a winter wonderland in Bergen County, with beautiful white snow sitting comfortably on trees. Old Man Winter dumped nearly 8 inches of snow, leaving neighbors with the laboring task of digging out their cars and clearing off sidewalks and paths.

In the spirit of the holiday season, Kevin Murray says he came to his elderly neighbor's aid.

"I just helped my neighbor across the street too," he said. "There's a few elderly people on the block. I figured it's the right thing to do this time of year."

Eric Chicas, a doctor of physical therapy, reminds us that if you're shoveling snow, you must do it safely so you don't get injured.

"Get your legs bent underneath," he said. "Not a lot of twisting or rotating your legs."

His dad, Robert, also has some advice.

"Get the young kid to do the heavy shoveling," he said. "And you just push the snow blower. That's the simplest way of doing it."

For people in New Jersey, the cleanup continues and doesn't end, as there is more snow on the way.