Questions follow deadly hit and run

December 30, 2008 9:18:27 PM PST
Two cameras at two different delis on Mother Gaston Boulevard were rolling when 45-year-old Stacy Blount was hit and killed. Workers at one deli say police told them not to show the tape to anyone. And just a few stores down workers say they handed over their only copy to investigators.

It's video we tried to get our hands on and State Senator Eric Adams demanded to see.

"If video footage shows we had a chase through the streets of Brooklyn, the procedure is put in place because of this. This is a text book case of why you should not pursue a speeding vehicle," Adams said.

Here's what police will say. An auto larceny unit ran the license plate number on the silver 2003 Ford van, which came back as stolen. Officers pursued the driver, but Commissioner Kelly fell short of calling it a chase saying it's still under investigation.

"The investigation is going forward, I don't know what speed the chase was conducted at. They are in the process of speaking to the officers involved now," Kelly said.

A handful of witnesses to whom we talked say the driver was going about 100 m.p.h. and they say officers were on his tail.

"They were chasing someone. They were going fast. I heard a thump. A crowd ran over to help her," John Alazur said.

Moments later, Stacy Blount was gone right before her 13-year-old daughter's eyes.

She leaves behind an adult son, a teenage daughter and a one-year-old grandson.

The driver of the stolen van remains at large.

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