How to get a parking ticket reduced

January 2, 2009 3:48:14 PM PST
Ever wish you could get a break on the cost of a parking ticket? New York City has a program that will reduce the fine, but there's a catch. It can't be easy being a New York City traffic enforcer, writing all those tickets, braving the bad weather and then there are the hecklers.

Ten million parking tickets are written every year in New York City, generating more than a half-billion dollars in revenue.

With all that money, did you know if you get a ticket the city wants to give you a break??

Finance Commissioner Martha Stark said the program isn't advertised, but it will save you money.

Any driver who challenges a parking ticket (pleads not guilty) is offered a reduction for most fines. The city introduced this program in 2005.

After challenging the ticket, the city will offer you the opportunity to plead guilty and agree to forgo a hearing, and then you get a reduced fine.

No parking goes from 65 dollars to 43.

Expired meter goes from 65 dollars to 43.

A 115-dollar fine for no standing gets reduced to 90.

Same thing for double parking.

Brooklyn Councilman Vincent Gentile does not have a problem with the fines, but about how the traffic agents are doing business.

He says even Santa got a ticket in Bay Ridge, so he's telling all of his constituents about the city's plan. That way if you do get a ticket, at least you won't have to pay full price.

You can learn more about parking rules by visiting the city's website at

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