Studies revolve around 'abortion' drug

January 5, 2009 3:44:42 PM PST
There is a new use for a drug that is supposed to help treat ulcers. But it has doctors concerned, because more women are apparently using the drug to have an abortion.There are multiple warnings on the bottle, and they couldn't be more clear. Pregnant women should steer clear of misoprostol, an ulcer medication that causes cramping and could cause miscarriage. But pharmacist Bob Rosenberg knows firsthand that some pregnant women try and buy the drug without a prescription to intentionally terminate a pregnancy.

Rosenberg's pharmacy is in Washington Heights, which is the focal point for one of two studies looking into unconventional, sometimes drastic measures taken by some Hispanic women to induce abortions.

The studies have found women resorting to everything from taking medicines and herbs to getting punched in the stomach. Another group says the focus should be on education, not on the sensational.

Advocates say some recent immigrants don't even know abortion is legal in the United States. They say the results will help answer whether the unorthodox practices are rarities or the tip of the iceberg.

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