Mom demands answers; baby's body lost

January 6, 2009 8:14:48 AM PST
Police are searching garbage dumps in New Jersey and Pennsylvania for the remains of a newborn who died at Christ Hospital in Jersey City.After a woman's newborn baby dies, the hospital apparently lost the child's body.

The Christ Hospital website says the maternity unit ranks as one of best in the nation, but at least one woman takes issue with that statement.

Kalynn Moore was devastated after the loss of her son and now the heartbreak has been magnified because of what she believes is the hospital's tragic mistake.

"It was too much... I just lost my baby now you all are telling me you misplaced his body," she said.

That's what she says Christ Hospital officials told her just days after she gave birth to a son she named Bashir.

But she says it was the police who told her the truth. That Bashir's remains had actually been thrown into the hospital's garbage.

"It didn't seem like it was real. It felt like a dream," she said.

On December 21, she went to Christ Hospital a month shy of her delivery date. There were complications. Doctors decided to perform a C-Section.

In a statement, a hospital official said, "The stillborn was delivered.... and placed in the hospital's morgue."

The question is what happened after that?

"We want to know what happened to this young lady's baby," attorney Michael Anise said. "She wants her baby back. The hospital owes it to her."

Police are investigating and hospital officials say they are "....cooperating fully with the Jersey City Police Department in trying to locate the remains of a stillborn infant."

This disheartened young mother was planning on a funeral, but now it's not clear if she'll ever get the closure she says she needs.

"It hurts really bad. I have a 5-year-old. It doesn't make sense," she said.

Moore and her attorney dispute the hospital's claims that Bashir was stillborn. They say he was alive, but died minutes after delivery. They want to know why he died, and why his remains were not treated with respect.

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