Stony Brook U. studies 'intense' love

January 6, 2009 3:20:55 PM PST
A new study finds true love really does last forever.Researchers at Stony Brook University on Long Island looked at the brains of couples married for decades and say the results surprised even them.

In the early stages of love, couples often sit close, share food and laugh about pretty much everything. At some point, they might even refer to it as the good ole days.

Post doctoral fellow Bianca Acevedo found some news that surprised even her when it comes to "intense" love in long-term marriages.

"When I first started off with interviews, I thought, 'Are these people delusional?'" she said. "Do they just say they're in love?"

So Stony Brook researchers looked at the brains of 17 couples who have been married 20 years, on average, who claim to be intensely in love. At first, they thought there was no way, but what they found is it does exist.

"Sure enough, we found the areas associated with being in love in the early stages are still there," Acevedo said.

So how do you rate your relationship? Intensely in love?

If your answer is no after 20 years or more of marriage, don't feel bad. Researchers say it's extremely rare. But the study shows it does happen.

Whether or not your level of passion for each other has been scientifically proven to be ''intense," the study can offer every couple hope. And it may be just one more reason to get married and stay like newlyweds forever.



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