NJ officials trying keep students safe

January 8, 2009 2:35:31 PM PST
Children in New Jersey community are getting some reassurance about recent violence near their school. In Orange today, the mayor and State Senator Richard Codey talked to them in hopes of easing any fears they may have about their saftey -- after a nearby shooting yesterday.

Security around the school has been extremely tight since yesterday's shooting. They want the kids to concentrate on their education and not worry about the shooting.

Acting Govorner Richard Codey has been greeting students as they enter Orange high this morning following a shooting incident which occurred a block away from the building.

"I was shocked at first, I wasn't scared because, like my friend said, it happens everywhere," Orange High Student Victor Anderson says.

Each and every morning students go through a security check before entering the building. The three shooting victims were students but authorities don't know if the gunman was a student.

"It was surprising to the extent that it is..juveniles are going to be into certain things. But this incident caught me by surprise, especially since we haven't had any major incidents here," Orange Police Director John Rappaport said.

The school has ten security officers and school officials say the children are safe but every effort is being made to make them feel comfortable the day after the shooting.

"We want them to know we're doing everything possible to make sure they're safe in school, just as importantly outside school, as well," Acting Governor Richard Codey says.

The students seemed eager to back to class this morning and have very few concerns about their safety.

"They're gonna protect me. I trust my superintendent, my mayor..everybody," student Zainab Mustapha says.

The three teenage victim's from Thursday's shooting suffered non-life threatening injuries.

As far as finding the shooter, police say that is still under investigation.

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