INTERACTION: Hopes for Obama

January 13, 2009 5:43:14 PM PST
Eyewitness News viewers share their hopes for President-elect Obama.I hope our new President will find a way to get out economy back under control. I lost my job back at the start of this recession and I an not having any luck at all finding a new job. We need this president to create new jobs!
Patrick Pecora, New Egypt, New Jersey

I hope President Obama will encourage to give money for supporting money for the ARTS with grants and Community Programs.
Janet Spittler, New York

I hope Barack Obama can bring this country together and make its people feel the way they did on election night with his electrifying speech in Chicago.
Brian Nerkowski, New York

I hope President Obama will keep America from a terrorist attack as in 911 and that he turns the economy around.
Anna Masson, Fairfield, Conn.

I hope that Obama will help the middle and lower class in this country and maybe help stop actors and sports stars from making millions.
Deanna, Bridgewater, New Jersey

I hope President Obama will help to resolve world peace in the Middle East.
Susan Keeler, Princeton, New Jersey

Help the country become more safe for children my age, and that I will grow up with a healthy economy.
Sara Solimani, New Jersey

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I hope President Obama will improve education in our inner cities.
Kathy Webber, New Jersey

I hope President Obama will prove all the non- believers wrong.
Lisa Marie, New Jersey

I hope President Obama will have the courage to bring an end to the atrocities occurring in Gaza.

I hope President Obama will bring jobs back to the US.
Audrey Gatling

I hope Obama will cancel his plans to retract the partial abortion law and stay focus on pro-life and also bow his heart and follow Jesus 100%.
Evie Knutsen

I am James,a student from Brooklyn. I am in Junior High. I hope President Obama will give more funding to education so we can have better teachers and textbooks!
James Chen, Brooklyn

I just hope Obama makes college more affordable and lives up to all his promises.
Andrea Espostio, Brooklyn

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I hope President Obama will not give in to lobbyists and corrupt politics, and instead really work for the people of this country.
Eva Samuels, Manville, NJ

I hope President Obama will help the Palestinians.
Nancy Khanzada, Cliffside Park, NJ

(I hope Obama)helps rebuild mass transit so that it would become more environmentally friendly for the future. That and successful job creation would be nice too.
Mel Leong, Ozone Park, NY

Please, please tackle the high cost of energy!
Teresa Gregory, Mastic Beach

I hope president Obama will fix the housing market.
Melissa LoDuca, Staten Island, NY

I hope President Obama will help all us "Main Streeters" like he says he will.
Jennifer Lewis, Port Jervis, NY

I hope President Obama will tackle our ever rising issues with Unemployment and Gay Rights!
Matt Martin, West Babylon, NY

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My hope is that the President-elect lives up to his campaign promises to lower taxes for the middle class and to support Israel in this time of crisis.
Robin Miller, Brooklyn

I hope President will be able to make healthcare affordable for everyone.
Patricia Sumner, Brooklyn

I hope President Obama will make gay marriage legal and once again make America the leader in equality.
Ryan, Manhattan

Please end the war in Iraq.
Michael, Brooklyn

I hope President Obama will help make college more affordable for students of middle-class families.
Sandhya Puliyampotta, Manhattan

I hope President Obama will pursue all of the cronies from the Bush Administration and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law for breaking the Geneva Conventions and lying to Congress.
Marcos Polonia, East Elmhurst, N.Y.

I hope President Obama will engage with the american people with honesty every step of the way as we battle these trials together.
Susan Spinazzola, Lincoln Park, N.J.

I hope Obama will hold the Wall Street executives accountable for the crisis they have created.
Norm Gionet, Tinton Falls, NJ

Fulfill all promises he has made to the people of America.
Jason Alexander of Manhattan

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Lucy Figueroa: I am from New Jersey. I hope that President Obama will tell us what we can, as Americans, do to help stimulate the economy, considering that so many of us are having such hard financial issues at this time?

April: I hope President Obama will find a way to fix this struggling economy. How long with it take to repair? Months or years?

Ronnie Greene: My hope is that he and his cabinet will be able to solve all that is wrong with our government and clean up the mess he inherited. I hope he & Michelle add a First Son to the White House Family and I cannot wait to see their new dog.

Beth: I hope President Obama will extend COBRA benefits IMMEDIATELY and that any subsidies will be retroactive. People seem to forget that thousands of people have been out of work from the beginning of this meltdown -- despite media painting it as "breaking news". There is no reason COBRA can't be extended beyond 18 months. The governor of California did it in 2003 and it is still in effect today. CA residents get 36 months of COBRA.

Colleen:Please Mr Obama I beg of you to fix this mess of a place we call the USA!

Dianne: I hope President Obama will get the economy jump started by creating new jobs and restoring the old ones for the American people. If we start spending again, we will see people getting back on track. We need that now more than anything. I pray this will happen!

Cecilia Good: I hope President Obama will bring back outsourced jobs to India and other foreign countries back to the United States of America. Place a heavy tax on those businesses that outsource to foreign countries. Heavily tax foreign car an manufactured products. Establish new relations with CUBA and restore American tourism and trade to CUBA. Congratulations and much successes!

Martino Romeo: I hope President Obama Does the Best Job possible..We need a change and He gives me HOPE...God Bless America.

Antonia Burke: On Nov. 7, 2008, I turned 60 years old. I lost my job approx. 1 1/2 weeks before my birthday. I would like to ask Mr. President - elect Obama to please don't tax my unemployment. I have $40 a week coming out of my unemployment, I need that money for food, bills and life, as I use to know it. That is just the start, I will have to pay the State and the $40 in taxes will not cover the IRS. I need a break, Please, stop taxing my unemployment, it's all I have. I don't want no claim to fame, i just can't afford to be taxed. Thank you

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