Firefighters find explosives after fire

January 14, 2009 2:57:48 PM PST
An explosive discovery was made during the night on Long Island. A number of Molotov cocktails were found on the roof of a strip mall following a fire at a pizza parlor.

The fire is under a microscope by arson investigators, who say the entire building could've been gone had the arsonists plan panned out.

The strip plaza is now the scene of a massive arson investigation after Tuesday night's fire, which began in a Coram pizza parlor. Fire crews squashed the flames fast, but then found Molotov cocktails planted on the roof.

They say there were multiple explosives above each store ready to drop into the ventilation system of the mall.

One store still open for business at 10 p.m. Tuesday remains open. The owner says he hasn't slept and can't help but think what could've happened.

"It's pretty scary," Daniel Marrero said. "The fire was on top, the fire marshal told me the fire was on top of the main line of the whole place, of the the gas pipe. So he says it was really scary."

Investigators do not have any suspects at this point. Thankfully, no one was hurt.



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