Bloat busters

January 17, 2009 1:28:34 PM PST
Beat that constant sluggish feeling by cutting out the foods that make you bloated. Nutrition and bloat expert and founder of Integrity Health Products, Gina Broccolo, joined us with tips. Fab Five Foods

Four Hidden Gut Gushers
salty snacks

Gina Broccolo, is co-founder of Integrity Health Products and an expert in beating the bloat. She travels throughout North America educating people about bloating and other digestive health issues. Her passion for enlightening others about natural ways to ease gastro-intestinal problems comes from her own personal bout with weight and health issues. After trying every other method for weight loss, Broccolo sought help through a doctor who recommended she try a cleansing and detox program. The result was a weight loss of over 75 pounds. This success prompted her to become an advocate for those who simply could not successfully begin and maintain a weight loss program. She developed two herb-based supplements that are known for their bloat blasting abilities. You can get the supplements on her web site: or CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreen's.

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