Gum disease awareness

January 25, 2009 6:42:38 AM PST
Your mouth is the doorway to the rest of your body. So, it's important to keep your gums healthy. Gum disease has been linked to such major diseases as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and even cancer. Top 10 Tips to Healthier Gums:

· Drink More Water (a Moist Mouth is a Healthier Mouth. 6-8 glasses of H20 are ideal.)
· Get some sunshine (10 minutes outside daily provides a percentage of daily Vitamin D, essential for healthy gums)
· Avoid Alcohol-based mouthwash, but look for Oxygenating Mouthwashes as well as those that contain Tea Tree Oil. (alcohol dries out the mouth and gums, providing a perfect environment for the anaerobic bacteria that cause gum disease). Diabetics should never use alcohol based mouthwash.
· Avoid Toothpaste that contains Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, but look for toothpaste that contains aloe vera, CoQ10, and xylitol, which are great for the gums. (SLS is a harsh detergent used to make toothpaste foam up, which can lead to dry mouth and canker sores.)
· Floss at least once daily. (Studies in Europe show that daily flossing can add 5 years to your life).
· If you're pregnant, make sure to visit your dentist often (a study by The University of North California showed that pregnant women with bleeding gums are 7 times more likely to give birth to premature low birth weight babies).
· Avoid chewing gum and mints that contain sugar or glucose syrup. (The bacteria that cause gum disease LOVE sugar).
· Never use a medium or hard bristled toothbrush - Always use a soft nylon bristled brush. (Hard and even medium bristles will wear away tooth enamel and gum tissue).
· Most mouthwashes, especially those taste very strong or have artificial colors may be very acidic. Look for clear mouthwash formulas. (In order to maintain those strong flavors and colors, big drug companies use acids for stability. The Journal of Periodontology proved that these acids wear away precious tooth and gum structure).
· More details and studies available at or by calling 1-800-97-FRESH (1-800-973-7374).
You can also find out more by visiting or calling 1-800-998-2220.

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