NY mayor: Hero pilot inspires millions

January 16, 2009 9:33:28 AM PST
Mayor Michael Blomberg says the actions of a US Airways pilot have "inspired people around the city, and millions more around the world." Bloomberg has a key to the city that will eventually go to pilot Chesley B. "Sully" Sullenberger III, who landed in the Hudson River on Thursday. All 155 people aboard survived.

Sullenberg couldn't appear at Friday's City Hall ceremony because of the investigation.

Says Bloomberg, who is himself a pilot: "The plane didn't break up because of the way the pilot landed it."

Bloomberg also presented certificates to civilian and uniformed rescuers.

Says the mayor: "We live in a city filled with people who are able to face any challenge and overcome any obstacle when they worked together. That really does make, not just me, but all of us so proud."

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