Ticketmaster changes policy

Seven On Your Side
February 24, 2009 11:01:47 AM PST
The New Jersey Attorney General got more than 2 thousand complaints.

Most complaints came from fans who paid inflated prices for tickets to Bruce Springsteen shows.

Now those fans will get a refund and Ticketmaster is paying a hefty fine.

It's a story that 7 On Your Side has been following for weeks. You can see the latest on this story by clicking here.

The Job Chase

On Monday and Tuesday, Eyewitness News presented "Economic Crisis: The Job Chase," featuring everything you need to know about going to a career fair and finding a job, from the right thing to wear to the right thing to say.

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Mortgage mess

In effect, the bank debited customer accounts to pay off a mortgage or credit card bill that is past due.

It's perfectly legal and called the "right of setoff."

Most consumers have never heard of this - but each bank has this term tucked away in it's terms of conditions and client manuals. In our story, a New Jersey homeowner fell behind on his mortgage by 2 months. his bank went into his bank account to pay his mortgage - sending his balance into the negative and causing him more than $500 in insufficient funds fees. See what happened when 7 On Your Side got involved by clicking here.

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