Coupon queen shows you how to save

February 9, 2009 4:03:58 AM PST
Lots of people are penny pinching these days especially when it comes to buying groceries. But one tried and true way to save money when you shop is coupon clipping, and there are some pros out there who know how to do it just right and save lots of money. Angie Childs is a coupon queen, spending pennies on the dollar for her grocery bill.

"I would love for everybody to shop this way," she said. "There's no reason why you couldn't."

When she shops, she shows up with a portable file cabinet stuffed with coupons.

"I have cleaning supplies," she said. "It goes through to air fresheners, bathroom candles, glass cleaner."

Angie orders six Sunday papers a week, browses coupon Web sites and shops on double coupon days.

She gets many items for free. She got cough drops are a dollar apiece. She also has a coupon for buy one get one free, and a 50 cents off coupon which the store doubles. The result?

"I get two bags for free," she said.

Angie says anyone can do this. In fact, she's teaching her daughter. She bought $220 worth of groceries for just $19 dollars and change. But that's nothing. Check out her receipt from November.

"It was a 107 percent savings," she said. "They paid me $3.94. it's like playing the lottery and winning every time." ----
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