Circle of life

February 13, 2009 1:07:03 PM PST
It's a small circle of life, this week.

We began the week covering the remarkable story of the crew of a plane ditching in the Hudson where everyone survived. And we end the week covering the crash of a plane - taking off just a few miles from the Hudson landing -- where no one survived.

What brought down Continental flight number 3407? We simply don't know. There is some speculation that ice formed on the wings of the twin-engine turbo-prop, but it's too early to make any real conclusions. What we do know is that 50 people are dead - 49 of them on the plane, one on the ground in the town of Clarence Center, about 20 miles east of Buffalo.

50 people, each with, what? -- hundreds of people who love them. Each with so many back stories. Compelling stories.

Tonight we are covering the crash - the people on board, the possible causes, the investigation.

We're also covering the stimulus package, which passed the House without a single Republican vote again, and tonight it's scheduled to go to a vote in the Senate -- again without much Republican support. Not sure what these objecting lawmakers are thinking; already, Mayor Bloomberg says the stimulus money will save the jobs of 14,000 New York City teachers and 1,000 police officers. We had made note of his "campaign" when he put forth his doomsday budget proposal.

We'll also have any other breaking news of the night, tonight at 11.


P.S. I'm off next week. This column will resume on Feb. 23.