Ticketmaster settles Springsteen ticket mess

Seven On Your Side
February 23, 2009 3:08:58 PM PST
The New Jersey Attorney General got more than 2 thousand complaints. Most from fans who paid inflated prices for tickets to Bruce Springsteen shows. Now those fans will get a refund. And Ticketmaster is paying a hefty fine. It's a story that 7 On Your Side has been following for weeks. Springsteen fans like Chris Auriemma was not happy. "When I say we were taken, we were taken." Diane LaRue also a Bruce fan was also fuming, "I don't think anyone had a shot at getting the tickets."

Earlier this month, thousands of fans went to the TicketMaster website to buy Bruce Springsteen concert tickets. But, to many, the website said there were no tickets available, and sent them to a "TicketsNow" website where the prices went sky-high.

"We are in possession of 6 tickets to the to the tune of $1500," said Chris Auriemma.

But what really angered Bruce fans: TicketsNow is owned by TicketMaster.

"I think it was such a scam I just think it was such an unethical practice of business," said Chris.

The New Jersey Attorney General got more than 2-thousand complaints. And under the possibility of legal action, TicketMaster caved.

"Consumers should have an equal opportunity to buy tickets," announced New Jersey's Attorney General, Anne Milgram. "It shouldn't be that at 10 o'clock the tickets go on sale and 5,000 of the 18,000 tickets are gone."

Under the agreement, the attorney general will hold a random drawing for people who did not get tickets. 1,000 consumers will be able to buy 2 tickets for the May Springsteen concerts (at face value). The remaining consumers will get a $100 TicketMaster gift certificate.

But only people who filed complaints with the Attorney General within 2 weeks of the sale date and who purchased tickets within the first 5 hours the tickets went on sale will be eligible.

TicketMaster will also pay a $350,000 dollar settlement to the state. And anyone who overpaid will get a refund.

Milgram says "consumers can rest assured that we will not allow anything to happen that is not crystal clear to consumers. And we won't allow anything to happen that misleads consumers, or is confusing to consumers."


Story by: Tappy Phillips

Produced by: Steve Livingstone